Three glasses with stained, pink and white wine.

From La Rioja, its roots

The soil into which our Bodega’s vines sink their roots are watered by the Cidacos river and watched over by the Sierra de Yerga and Peña Isasa cliffs. In this setting the “cradle” in which the vines grow is carefully tended. The weather conditions, with Mediterranean climate influences, add their intense character to our wines.

The wines of Bodegas Marqués de Reinosa consequently arise out of a profound knowledge of the land and the vine, as well as the complex ripening process which the fruit then has to undergo. La Rioja is a land of wine and in this we are masters.

Bodegas Marqués de Reinosa, Ctra. Rincón de Soto, s/n. 26560 Autol, La Rioja. Telephone +34 941 40 13 27 Fax +34 941 39 00 65

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